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Understanding Maya

Ravana or Maya or the 5 Vices (Lust, Anger, Pride, Family Bondage and Greed) are all the same.

Kindly watch the Ravana video to understand better.

This post is to understand Maya Better and tackling it.

First and foremost we must understand like God, Maya is also Sarva Shakthivan (The most porwerful) now.

Let's us see an example. Suppose some one is suffering from fever and he has 102 degree Fahrenheit fever. He visits a Doctor, Doctor examines and puts and injection and also gives few tablets. and also suggests to take a tablet in the night and also warns that during midnight the temperature may rise to 104 or 105 but need not panic, just take one more tablet, and wipe your forehead with cloth dipped in water, by morning you should be fit and fine.Here the question arises in spite the patient is given injection and tablet in the evening why the temperature rises in the body . The fever in the first place comes because of virus, bacteria or other foreign bodies in our body. When we have 102 degree fever it means the virus is already there.It is only when we take in the anti biotic tablet , the WBC (white blood corpuscles) and the anti biotic fights with the germs. So now the germs fight furiously because they are at war. So the temperature rises. As we give medicine at regular intervals the germs cannot survive so the person becomes normal by morning.

Lets us see another example, We have a decent job and make handsome salary. we have a neighbor who is an Government employee but with a basic pay. But in his job he gets more bribe so he buys bike, car, house in no time. By seeing this you are worried that in spite you have a better package his financial status is

growing day by day. So u make a complaint about him and that person is arrested. but he comes out in no time by other means he know. what he does first is that he finds out who gave the complaint , then he starts giving trouble through out our life time.

Like wise in 63 births (21 in dwabara and 42 in Kali yug) we think that we are a body and do 5 vices (Lust, Anger, Pride, Family Bondage and Greed).But when we start practicing Raja Yoga and when you try to win MAYA. This Maya fights with us in vigor.

For example in lust if you just look a girl before practicing Raja Yoga now you will call her from back now.

If you call a girl her from back before practicing Raja Yoga now you will try to grab her hand.

if you grab a girl's hand before practicing Raja Yoga now you will commit sin.

For example in Anger ,if you walk out of the scene when you get anger before practicing Raja Yoga now you shout.

if you shout when you get anger before practicing Raja Yoga now you beat.

if you beat when you get anger before practicing Raja Yoga now you might kill.

This is the case for all 5 vices. So this is the severity of Maya.

Let me make one more point clear. In school it is very difficult to get 100% marks in theory paper,but easily children get 100% in practicals.

Where as in Raja Yoga the theory is very very easy , all we have to learn is Manmanabhava ( It means understanding ourselves as Athma and remembering the Param Athma Lord Shiva ) by this way we can burn our sins stored in sanskar over various births.

3 Stages of Maya

1. We do not know when the 5 vices comes and we do not know that we are defeated by Maya.

2. We will know that a Maya is coming but we may or may not win the Maya.

3. Maya will not come to us. We will not have 5 vices problem with in us.

Understanding how much percentage we have won maya.

Well by the end Sathya yug the Athmas kala drops from 16 to 14.

By the end Thretha yug the Athmas kala drops from 14 to 12.

By the end Dwabara yug the Athmas kala drops from 12 to 8.

By the end kali yug the Athmas kala drops from 8 to 1.

So it is only through Raja yoga we increase our kala. By means of doing Manmanabhava we try to improve the purity of our soul. Till our kala is between 1 and 8 we will be in the stage 1, that means we will not know when maya comes and when we get defeated.

But as we consistently do Raja Yoga when our kala is between 8 to 12 we will be in the stage 2 , that means we will know that Maya is about to come depending upon the strength of the intellect and ashta Shakthi we have we may or may not win the maya.

When our Kala reaches 12 and above there will be no Maya or Ravana or 5 vices.

A mobile phone gets its full coverage when it is under the mobile tower. Like wise and Athma can defeat Maya 100% only when it is under the remembrance of God.

Kindly watch the video to understand better.


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